Educational Services

AEMG Is Committed To Assisting International Students With:
  • Assessing their academic performance and synchronizing their career goals with their desired field of study
  • Offering them a selection of educational institutions based on their field of study and financial resources
  • Evaluating different institute locations and the surrounding area’s cost of living
  • Assisting with direct or conditional admission
  • Identifying the need to improve their English language skills in order to meet TOEFL or IELTS requirements
  • Selecting an educational institution with a strong intensive English language program
  • Successfully completing all college entrance requirements
  • Ensuring they have adhered and followed all governmental regulations
  • Considering on-campus and off-campus housing options in relation to commuting, utilities, and internet service
  • Selecting the necessary insurance products
  • How to acquire a driver’s license, a car, and cell phone
  • Providing practical information on the cultural aspects of campus and the surrounding community
  • Knowing they have their First Friend in the United States who is always willing to listen, encourage, motivate, and offer advice

    1. Contact AEMG in order to determine your needs.

    2. Submit an application.

    3. Second contact in order to discuss the educational institutions that will meet your requirements.

    4. Prepare your transcript and start the university application process.

    5. Receive your acceptance letter and prepare to apply for your student Visa.

    6. Attend AEMG Workshop to prepare for the Visa interview process, travel to and arrival in the United States, and settling into your on-campus or off-campus housing…………



    AEMG charges only a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $100 to cover the administrative costs of processing your application. We do not charge any other fee to students for our services including and not limited to fees related to student scholarships or financial aid. Please contact us to report any violations of this policy.

    Once students have contracted with AEMG, are accepted by a United States educational institute and arrive in the United States – AEMG will refund the $100 application fee and add another $100 to help our AEMG students start their educational adventure in the United States.

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    Recruitment and admissions in the U.S. educational context are generally prohibited from discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, or other reasons.

    Business Services

    AEMG Organizational and Career Services

    1. Recruitment and Placement of qualified recent graduates in careers aligned with their education and prospective employers’ needs.

    2. Training and Development of personnel to reinforce organizations competitiveness and success.

    3. Analysis and Diagnosis Organizational systems to lead and manage Organizational Changes.

    4. Implement and Execute innovations and integrated technologies (IT) for global growth.

    5. Consultation and Management Services for strategic expansion.

    Ready To Do Business

    1. Contact us at AEMG with your organizational, consulting or training needs.

    2. AEMG will analyze the alignment of the specifics of your request and AEMG’s provided services.

    3. Once AEMG determines we can provide the specific service for your organization, a collaborative effort is made to create a working contract.

    AEMG Organizational Business Services Fees

    1. Our fee standard will be determined by the individual services requested and provided per client.

    2. These fees will be understood through a signed contract prior to any services being rendered with the exception of the initial consultation.

    3. Client will be charged for all travel expenses including mileage, meals, air, lodging, as well as any other incidental expenses on the client’s behalf.

    4. Client will also be charged for any supplies and training materials utilized on the client’s behalf.